Modafinil Review: What is It, Who Uses It, Benefits, Where to Buy It

The drug known as “Viagra for the Brain” is extremely popular today. Let’s explore Modafinil and learn what it is, who uses it, the benefits of this drug and where to safely purchase it.

What is Modafinil?









Modafinil (also known as Provigil or the limitless drug) has been around for over 17 years and has been marketed in over 20 countries to treat disorders such as chronic fatigue.

Modafinil decreases fatigue, increases vigilance, and improves memory and reaction time while enhancing motivation and mood. In fact, it’s so effective that governments around the world are using it for their military, medical and space exploration programs.

Who uses Modafinil?

Modafinil is the mental alertness-promoting wonder drug for everyone. Professional executives, students, gamers and sports enthusiasts are using modafinil to gain that extra edge in their daily lives. Individuals who need that boost of super sharp mental enhancement swear by modafinil. As of 2012 modafinil was the only approved “go pill” within the US Airforce. With further documented use within the Indian Air Force, French Foreign Legion, UK Ministry of Defence, and US Tactical Paramedics – it’s no wonder this powerful nootropic is going mainstream.

Why is Modafinil so Popular?

Modafinil and armodafinil are scientifically proven to enhance mental alertness, promote wakefulness, enhance cognition and boost motivation. Many studies are available online that support the efficacy of modafinil.

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Benefits of Modafinil

There are 4 groups that users can belong to.


User Profile: Students / Examinees / Professors / Researchers

Effects: Enhanced Focus and Cognitive Amplification, short-term Memory Enhancement and prolonged periods of Undeterred Focus.

For those who really need to ace that examination. Scientific studies bear witness that modafinil causes remarkable improvements in mental focus, decision making and accuracy while users undertook educational activities and tests. Modafinil also boosts short-term memory and aids in multi-tasking in many student users.


User Profile: Executives / Programmers / Lawyers / Accountants / Engineers

Effects: Mental Alertness for those long working hours. Significantly improved attention to Detail and enhances Motivation

Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

User Profile: Amateur Athletes, Physical Trainers, Gym Pro’s, Sportsperson

Effects: Enhanced Motivation, Heightened Alertness and Faster Reflexes, and Improved Stamina.

Modafinil is scientifically proven to affect concentration and reflexes, giving you an edge over your opponents. Scientific studies show that modafinil provides a boost to the body’s stamina and thus delays fatigue.

Gaming Champs & Designers

User Profile: Competitive Gamers, Creative Professionals, VideoGame Enthusiasts, Graphic Designers

Effects: Alertness, Focus, Concentration and Shorter Reaction Times.

Modafinil is scientifically proven to improve reaction times and provide added focus to users. These effects can provide Gamers, Graphic Designers and other Creative Professionals an extra advantage over competition.

Where to Buy Modafinil?

Modafinil can be purchased at

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Is it Safe?

Modafinil is completely safe and has no major side-effects. With over 1,300 studies conducted, it’s considered to be well-tolerated by humans, with no known deaths in its 17 years of use in over 20 countries.

Side-Effects of Modafinil

Modafinil is generally considered to be one of the most efficient psychological stimulants, partly due to it’s lacking any serious side effects. While the amount of people reporting side effects is low, they do exist. For this reason, caution should be exercised when consuming modafinil or armodafinil for the first time, mainly to rule out the danger of allergic reactions. It is important to note that if you are prescribed modafinil by your doctor, he or she likely believes the benefits of using it will far outweigh any of the potential side effects.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects of this drug include anxiety, dizziness, headache, nausea and disturbance to one’s sleep. If you experience one or more of these side effects for an extended period of time, consult your doctor. There are a few more serious, though rare, side effects which include changes to one’s mental state or mood, agitation, confusion, depression, hallucinations and other forms of distorted thinking.

Should you experience any of the following symptoms, call emergency medical services immediately: accelerated and/or uneven heartbeat, chest pain or any signs of infection, such as a fever or continuous sore throat.

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